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Web Browsing
Trancell gives users an easy way to receive all of the text from virtually any web page on the Internet, and use hyperlinks, without having to download or install proprietary software or enter web addresses into a database ahead of time.

Access a web page by sending the web page address (e.g. www.yahoo.com) in an email message addressed to info@trancell.com.

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Using Links
Our intuitive link numbering system gives you an easy way to access links with your device.

To open a link, use your device's "reply" function and type the number of the link you want to view in the subject or first line of the email.

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You can bookmark any Web page and use the home command or send a blank message to home@trancell.com to access your personal Trancell page. Use the mark command to add any page your are viewing to your list of bookmarks. You can also log in from our front page to add, name, rename or remove bookmarks. Make your bookmarks public to access them with any browser.

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ICQ Messaging
Trancell will allow you to communicate with any ICQ user over the ICQ network, and use many of the features in ICQ. There is no need to download software for this service - all you need is an ICQ number. Stay in touch with your ICQ contacts and find out who's online wherever you go.

Log in and edit your Trancell contact list online, and then add each of your ICQ contacts to your device address book using their nickname@icq.trancell.com. Send messages to your contact's desktop anytime. Use the icq command, or just send a message to one of your contacts when you want to log on to ICQ. While you are logged on, ICQ messages from other users will be delivered to your device's inbox.

You can also use commands or shortcut addresses to change your status, firnd out who is online add users and more with your device.

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Email Forwarding
You can use Trancell to have copies of your POP email automatically delivered to your wireless device. Your mail server(s) will be checked for new email every few seconds. The original email will remain on your POP server, so you won't have to worry about losing any data. Log in at our Web site and set up forwarding for up to five of your POP accounts.

Trancell also gives you the option to turn off autodelivery and use the pop command or Timed Delivery service to receive a list of subjects from your unread emails. You can then read through the list, and choose to get the full text of any of any message by replying with the message number.

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Email Address
When you sign up for an account with trancell, you get to choose your own user name. Anyone can send email to your username@trancell.com address, and email sent to you at this address will be immediately delivered to your device. This can make it easier for your friends to remember and type in your address, especially if your current device address uses a nine digit number. Coming soon: email filters which will allow you to specify who you want to receive email from or who you do not, as well as what email to accept or decline based on the subject.

Delivery services
You can use Trancell to have content delivered to your wireless device at specific times. You can also choose to have email subjects from any or all of the POP accounts you have registered with Trancell sent to your device.

Our interactive Timed Delivery form gives you control over the days and times you want to have each service delivered. You can schedule delivery of as many items as you like.

Current Delivery Services include:
Weather Conditions Weather ForecastTraffic Conditions News Headlines (in hundreds of categories) Stock quotes Wisdom ( famous, insightful quotations) Word of the Day Trivia Web Pages

And more..
Choose from almost any of our portal or fun services, or make your own page for calendar or other alerts.

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Info on demand
You can put Trancell's Shortcut Addresses into your device's address book to quickly access relevant information.

Personalize location-based, news and stock services by creating an Information Services Profile online. This will allow you to get weather, traffic reports, and stock quotes by sending a blank message to the appropriate Shortcut Address, and save time when accessing driving directions as well as yellow and white pages results.

Yellow Pages White Pages People Pages Instant Language Translation Driving Directions Word Definitions Encyclopedia Articles Current Weather Weather Forecast Traffic Conditions News Headlines Stock quotes Movie Showtimes Web Searches

We have many more Shortcut Addresses to chose from.

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Internet keywords
Access Web sites designed for mobile devices by using the Internet keywords. The keywords are easy to remember names, but you can also put the keyword's @trancell.com address into your address book, for an alternative method of access. You can bookmark any of these device-friendly Web pages to your Trancell home page. One-way and two-way device owners can use the timed delivery service to have the mobile Web sites (or any Web site) sent to your device at user-specified times.

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Fun services
Trancell gives users access to several entertaining Web sites. Users can see word or phrase anagrams, flip a coin, get a Shakespearean insult, learn a useless fact, play 20 questions, read a "Deep Thought" by Jack Handy and more.

Services Include:
Wisdom (famous quotations) Trivia Anagrams Flip a coin Chomskybot Shakespearean Insulter Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey Complaint Letter Fact: 20 Questions

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UNIX shell
You can use Trancell to run most any standard UNIX command from your handheld computer or pager. This means you can sort a list, check the spelling of a text document, and even compile C programs wirelessly, to name just a few options.

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Trancell lets you telnet to any server you have permission to use. This gives students, network administrators, and anyone with telnet access to a remote host the ability to use the UNIX shell on that system.

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Trancell lets you stay updated on and post to your favorite newsgroups from wherever you are. You'll have easy access to most any newsgroup, and if we don't have it you can request that we carry it by sending email to feedback@trancell.com, or you can change your preferred news server by logging in on our home page or using the help menu.

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IRC Access
Use the irc command to use Internet Relay Chat on your device. Chat with people from around the world.

Adventure Games
Trancell has added Dungeon and Adventure, and we'll be adding Eliza (plus an option to put Eliza on your ICQ contact list!) soon.

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File Storage
When you sign up for a Trancell account, you'll automatically get your own file storage space. You can easily upload files to our server and access them anytime from your device or from any connected computer by logging in from our home page. You can use any FTP client to access and edit your files as well as add new ones. This feature gives you an easy way to store notes, phone numbers or other information. You can also run UNIX commands on files stored on our server.

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Trancell gives users the ability to easily modify our service to suit their personal preferences from our Web site. You can specify the maximum length for all messages you receive through trancell, and you have the option to retrieve the rest of the data in a separate message if you desire. You can also turn off ICQ notifications, so that you won't be alerted every time a user on your contact list logs on to or off of ICQ. You can even choose your news server, among other options, by logging in on our Web page, or using the help menu from your device.

And more...

We are currently working on adding many more great services.

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